Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Will It Ever Stop?

I honestly get tired of hearing stories of people who get breast cancer. With each story, I relive all of the emotions from my own diagnosis. I know people have questions, and I love to help so I would never want people to shy away from talking to me if I can help in any possible way. Regardless, it is still difficult.

When it is someone I don't know, it is a bit easier to emotionally distance myself. But when it is someone I know, well, there are just no words.

Someone very dear to me just got diagnosed with breast cancer. So far, the prognosis looks really good. I think she caught it much earlier than I did. Praise the Lord! This is an immense relief to me.

She could use your prayers. I cannot overemphasize the great impact prayer and encouragement have on those battling cancer. If you want to follow her journey, she'll be giving updates here:


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