Monday, January 21, 2013

A Friend of a Friend

If you could pray, please
For an unknown friend
who battled breast cancer.
And now a recurrence, after seven years
A husband
Three kids
Given only a few days left
with the woman they love. 
If you could please, please pray
for this family
and their grief
and their loss
Pray for God's grace
and His comfort
and hope for a future
that won't look the way they had thought.


  1. Praying! So hard! :(

  2. Heartbreaking. Praying for comfort and hope.

  3. Than you all for prayer, sad she passed away last night. Very sad the family needs prayer. Her kids are 9, 10, & 15 years old, & a husband & family are very sad please pray God draws their heart's & helps them through this loss. Thank you

  4. Another prayer please. The husband & father just got laid off he is the only income & already made way less then his wife that passed please keep him & the family in prayers. The kids go to Challenger school which is very spendy so that will probably b changeing which is hard on them & their mortgage in Cali is $3500 a month so they are going to have to move & lose their home. Please pray for them all thank u.

  5. Praying for this sweet family. Claiming God's provision, and the healing of their hearts as they go through this difficult time. May they feel God's peace and love all around them.