Monday, September 24, 2012

The Sovereignty of God

Last night I got a call from a woman who recently started attending my church. She is one of these amazingly joyful people with an ever-contagious smile. She's a second-grade know the type: extremely likable. I don't know her all that well and so it surprised me to hear from her.

She told me that we lived near each other. She asked about my house and cars to make sure she was correct. Then she told me this story:

"About two years ago, I was walking in my neighborhood. I passed a house and saw a man getting out of a van. He walked around and helped his wife out of their car. She was hunched over and looked weak. The woman had a scarf on her head and I realized that she had cancer. A minute later I saw their small children get out of the car. I cried as I realized that she was a mom with little ones. For the past two years I have been praying for that woman and her family.
Yesterday at church, someone told me that I was your neighbor. Then she asked, "Did you know Stephanie had cancer?" 

I was that woman she has been praying for these past two years. As she shared all this with me, she was crying and I was crying. I was able to tell her how God answered her prayers. 

I am so amazed by the sovereignty of God. I am overwhelmed by the love of God. Isn't it incredible that the God who created the universe, would see me and that he would orchestrate this and send someone who doesn't even know me, but would be faithful to pray for me? I know there are many more whom I will probably never meet in this lifetime.

I think it is rare to get the opportunity to see the influence we have in people's lives and to be able to see the fruit of our prayers. God so often uses us as agents of his grace, and we minimize it, thinking it is insignificant. Sometimes it is the unseen things, the seemingly little things, that are the most powerful. And often times we never know the effect they have.

Thanks Michelle!


  1. When in the know you have been prayed for...well, it's humbling and the gratefulness you feel is overwhelming. It's almost like you become kindred spirits because of prayer alone--which is not to minimize prayer--it's a life-changing, altering, peace-bringing event that binds us all!!! What a beautiful example of listening to God's Spirit and responding with compassion. That is so awesome.

  2. God is so amazing!!! It just shows how much He cares for us. Thanks for sharing! Rachel Mills