Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Hero

She stays in the background, unnoticed
as others around her get the glory.
She gives her time, energy, and resources, unselfishly.
Her gentle strength empowers others.

A life of hardship, but no bitterness.
Some call her "Pollyanna."
She can find good in any circumstance,
and always encourages others.

She is compassionate, but never allows me to feel sorry for myself.
She is always on my side, but never lets me be a victim.

For almost a year, she came to my house, early in the morning, before Damie left for work.
She stayed all day, and often overnight, never leaving until Damie returned.
Neglecting her own home, to take care of mine.
Trading in her role as "fun Grandma," she became the parent.
A baby girl and two young boys, needing her to fill the void.

And she took care of her sick little girl, no longer so little.

She fought a battle of her own, on her knees, in the quiet of her room.
Yielding her will, and surrendering that which is most precious to her.
Confronting her own fears and struggles, and overcoming.
So that she could give hope to the family who depended on her,
who watched her reactions, as she set the tone:
Faith in the face of fear. Hope instead of hopelessness. Joy replacing sorrow.
Her own life a testimony of God's faithfulness.
And the home was made whole. There is joy and laughter.
Because of this remarkable woman. Who laid her life down. For me.

Me & My Mom, Feb 1975

Happy Birthday Mom! You are, and always have been, my hero!


  1. Your mom is so awesome. This made me choke up. :'( So sweet. As a random aside...I can see A LOT of your kids in this picture of you. Or maybe I can see a lot of you in your kids now that I have seen this picture. So precious! Your family sure rocks that awesome dark hair. SO PRETTY!

    Steph Nelson

  2. You described so much sacrifice, strength and wisdom. Wow. I especially like : "She is compassionate, but never allows me to feel sorry for myself.
    She is always on my side, but never lets me be a victim." and how she fought her own battle on her knees in prayer. What a dear blessing!

  3. What a wonderful daughter's praise of her faithful mom - it truly moved me, as I've known your mom for 25 years. ('Just rechecking your blog to see how you were doing. Thank you for your great writing and encouragement to many.) Linda Brown