Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Date Night

You may remember from my New Year's post that one of my Christmas presents was tickets to the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. Here it is, eight months later, and I was able to use those tickets. I'm pretty excited to see some of my plans actually come to pass. My life has been unpredictable these past 15 months, and completely out of my control.
I'm happy by how far I've come since the first of the year. However, I didn't expect to still be feeling SO bad. I've mentioned before that the Herceptin is wearing me down. My blood counts are down and I am tired and lacking energy almost all the time, not to mention a myriad of other strange side effects. I have just two more treatments. I'm excited, yet in disbelief that this chapter of my life is actually going to end.

We were at the Shakespeare Festival with my whole family (dad's side). They don't allow you to take pictures. Despite that, when my sister-in-law was randomly pulled out of the audience to play Juliet in a crazy, Shakespearean rendition of the Newlywed Game Show, I nudged Damie to take some pictures with his phone. Nikki is very, very shy, but was an excellent sport.

We were totally busted for taking pictures, but since this was just the pre-show, they played along and posed.

I don't get out much and having fun is always a bit difficult for me. The seriousness of cancer is a stark contrast to the lightheartedness of fun. But I really did have fun that night, and having Nikki as the star just added to the night. I was able to really, really laugh.
And to top it off, when we returned home after a long and very late evening, our babysitter refused to let me pay her.
Hot date. Fun night. Free. Awesome!!