Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finding A Cure

One in eight women will get breast cancer.
My friend, Kristie, battled breast cancer right before me. When she heard of my diagnosis, she took me out for coffee. She couldn't hold back the tears, knowing what was in store for me, having barely finished treatment herself.
"I thought I took the hit for all of us." She said.
One in eight.
I had that same feeling. I'm taking the hit. None of my friends will have to go through this. But, I have a lot more than 16 friends.
I have finally come to terms with the fact that my battle with cancer is not over. I will have to face it over and over and over again. Every check up. Each new case among friends. Until there is a cure.

So join me in finding a cure.
Come race with me on May 7th (I'm doing the 5k walk).
Raise money with me.
Or make a contribution. Every little bit helps.

I started a team for this year's Race For The Cure. It's called Day By Day.
Click on a link below to get involved...

*Join my team!

*View my personal page, or make a donation.


One more thing, Komen provides grants to almost all local hospitals and clinics for breast cancer screening. If you don't have insurance or can't afford a mammogram, you can get one for free. Early detection is the key to survival!

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  1. I will join you on the walk. Just registered!