Friday, January 14, 2011


Radiation is pretty easy. It takes me approximately seven minutes to drive there. Then I'm in and out of MSTI in 25 minutes. I'm only on the table getting radiated for about five minutes. The rest of the time is spent getting in and out and changing clothes. It's a fast and simple process.
Each day after radiation I go to the gym and do what I consider to be a very pathetic workout. But its a start. My body is weak and it will take a lot of time and work to build up to where I was before cancer.
I'm slowly getting my strength back. It's nice to be able to start my life over, in a sense. Before, I was always scrambling to do too many things, and doing none of them well. Now I'm reintroducing things, one at a time. Each day, I do a bit more. And every little thing feels like a great accomplishment.
First I started doing a morning Bible study with the kids. Then I added a chore chart. I've been cooking their meals myself. And today, I took all three kids to the store all by myself! It feels SO good to do things myself.
Around 3:00 everyday, I fade. I can still function, I just get dizzy, tired and weak.

In response to questions I'm frequently asked...
My hair is not yet growing back, which makes me very sad. Everyday I scrutinize my head looking for traces of normal hair growth. It's been over four weeks since my last chemo treatment. I'm impatient! It started growing back after my surgery but I can't remember when it started, nor do I know if it will be the same this time. Even though it had barely grown in, it was difficult to lose a second time, when my second round of chemo started.
The doctors assume the cancer is gone and that all this treatment is working. I think it is based on my responses to the treatment so far. It doesn't look like they will do a bunch of tests when this is over, then declare me cancer free. I suppose it is unnecessary because I am already cancer free.
I started up Herceptin again. It was one of the drugs I had last summer. It isn't technically chemotherapy, although it is sometimes referred to as such. I get it every three weeks for 40 weeks. It is administered through my port and takes an hour and a half. Side effects are minimal. When I'm done with that, I'll get my port out. That will be a day to celebrate!


  1. You sound fantastic....I'm so happy for you... To hear you going about your life again is such a blessing to me.
    Good job my friend... Or as they say here: kol haKavod!!
    God heard you and you are healed and you will see your babies grow... Nothing is better than that.
    Enjoy life, Stephanie... As I'm sure you now realize more than ever, it's not to be taken for granted... It's a gift.

    Love and Peace
    Sue - Israel

  2. Praising the Lord Stephanie that you are starting to feel your life becoming normal again!
    Continuing to pray for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What wonderful news! And so wonderful that you are able to do some wife & mommy tasks again! I'm sure it feels so good. Hard seasons where we can't "do" a lot make us really appreciate things like being able to grocery shop & vaccuum our floors! I'm so excited that there's such a bright light at the end of this tunnel you have been in. God's faithfulness is astounding!