Friday, December 24, 2010


I met with my Radiation Oncologist for the first time two weeks ago. She was very optimistic about my case and very pleased with the results so far. She also said radiation will seem like a cake walk compared to what I've already been through.
Radiation treatments will be five days a week for six weeks. Each treatment will only take a few minutes. I will not be radioactive! There will be minimal side effects. The most common being a slight burn, like a sun burn.
I went in for pre-radiation imaging last week. They gave me three pen-mark sized tattoos. One on my breast bone, and one on each side, under my arms.
On Monday, I get to attend a Radiation Ed class. The following Monday I'll start treatments.

Over the last few months, I have been encouraged by many friends to seek out alternative/natural treatments. Up until now, I have been resistant for a number of reasons (that I won't go into now). Next week I will meet with a naturopathic doctor to discuss ways to get my body healthy and strong once again.

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