Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

My piano is covered with Christmas cards, mostly photos. I gaze upon the smiling faces of so many friends and family and my heart overflows with thankfulness. I have the most wonderful family and friends. How could I have survived this past year without them?
The thing that amazes me most is their faithfulness. It has been a long journey. I must confess that I thought they would grow weary, or that they would get busy with their own lives and forget. But they didn't. They stood by me. They have helped and encouraged me, in so many ways.

Thank you friends, family, and church family...

For seven months of delicious, healthy meals for my family.
For the most beautiful and thoughtful Christmas Eve food extravaganza!
For cleaning and organizing my house, mowing the lawn, and pulling weeds.
For watching my kids...and for loving them.
For taking me to doctor's appointments and treatments.
For so many gifts, flowers and cards.
For handmade hats, made-with-love, especially for me.
For generous financial help.
For handling the medical billing and insurance company.
For visiting me, when I felt so out of touch.
For extra-long hugs.
For kind words. You have no idea how much the constant stream of encouragement has kept me...encouraged! Every call, every note, every email, every facebook post, every blog comment, and every sweet word spoken in passing.
For being available.
For godly counsel.
For prayers. So many prayers.

You've given me strength and providing food, enabling me to rest, relieving so many of my responsibilities and making all of the details of battling cancer relatively stress-free. I can't think of anything more you could have done to make this as easy as possible for me and my family.
You have been God's hands and feet. You have demonstrated His faithfulness and provision in my life.
What an amazing gift you are to me...each one of you. Old friends and new friends, near and far. Each one of you lifting my burdens.

May God bless you abundantly! May He reward you for your faithfulness and generosity, far beyond anything I could ever do to repay. May the love He demonstrated that first Christmas become even more real to you this coming year.

Merry Christmas, my faithful friends!




  2. I love you Steph. I'm so thankful for you. Thankful for your honest and grateful heart. Thankful for your desire to serve our Glorious God. Thankful for the friendship we've established. Thankful for the opportunity to raise our kids together. Just feeling thankful for you.

    And love this post.

    Love, Katie