Sunday, October 31, 2010

Starting Up Again

I finally got the last drain tube out last Tuesday. What a miserable experience! I'm glad to be done with it. I still don't have complete range-of-motion in my arms. I start physical therapy tomorrow. I'm very excited about it. Nothing frustrates me as much as physical limitations and not being functional.

My surgeon was so optimistic at my last visit. It encouraged me. I never ask about the prognosis. I just assume I'm going to survive. But it is encouraging when my doctors are optimistic. I get pretty emotional whenever someone talks about my future.

Chemo starts back up on Tuesday. I'll have four treatments, one every other week. As I reviewed all the possible side effects, I was reminded how few side effects I had from the first chemo drugs. I'm so very thankful, and hopeful that I'll have few side effects on these new drugs.

Please continue to pray for me...
1. Minimal side-effects
2. Blood counts stay normal
3. That I don't get sick (cold/flu/infections).
4. For those helping me, that they don't grow weary (particularly my mom and my husband).
5. Endurance, for me.

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you my friend... You'll be fine. God will get you thru the last hurdle and at the end of this event, I know that you'll see His fruit.
    It's hard, just the other day my husband and I were praying and at the same time just blurted out "does it ALL have to be this hard all the time???"
    As I say so often, this isn't Heaven.
    So, you're in my prayers today and always...

    Love and Shalom