Thursday, October 7, 2010

The results are in...

This week has been uncomfortable. I haven't had much pain, just discomfort. I discovered that I am prone to discouragement when I lose control of my life. I am so very thankful for all the help I have received. But I get frustrated when I can't do things myself, my way. I've given up control of EVERYTHING. I've had to yield my rights and my way. I've had to joyfully receive help from others, their way. It's hard. And I don't like needing people the way that I do, and having to depend on others for everything. It's humbling, bordering on humiliating.

I wasn't prepared emotionally for my follow-up doctor's appointment today. I like to face doctor's visits when I feel strong and when I'm not overly emotional - especially when I'm facing possible pain and test results. I was an emotional wreck as Damie and I arrived for the appointment. It was actually more of a discouraged temper-tantrum over not getting my way for the last week. Despite that, God continually gives me peace and comfort, and He's never given me more than I can handle.

My surgeon is very even-tempered. He's sweet, calm and comforting. He examined my scars and said with uncharacteristic enthusiasm that I look fantastic! He was very pleased with how well I'm healing. The nurse removed three of my four drain tubes. It was painful. It felt like I was being stabbed in the side with a knife. I've never been stabbed in the side with a knife, but I imagine what I felt today is very similar. My eyes were closed the entire time, but Damie, who has no problem watching all these horrible procedures, said that he could definitely see why it hurt so badly. I silenced him before he could give me any more details.

While I was getting the drain tubes extracted, the doctor explained the pathology report. It was a "favorable pathology report" that "couldn't get much better." As expected, there was no cancer in the tissue taken from the left side. The tissue removed from the right side still had small traces of cancer but the "sampling of the tumor sites shows >95% tumor kill." And there was no cancer found in the lymph nodes (where there had been cancer originally).
So, I wasn't entirely cancer free, but pretty darn close. And hopefully now that they've removed all the breast tissue, I am cancer free!!

Despite the positive results, I am still facing more chemo and radiation. I will meet with the oncologist soon to get started on my remaining treatment. It is comforting to know that I am responding well to the treatment and that there really will be an end to all this.

I am confident that I'm responding so well and having minimal complications because of all your prayers. Thank you all!!!!


  1. Congratulations Steph!! God is so good!!!
    Praying for you and your sweet family!

  2. I prayed for you throughout today, friend. So happy...SO happy for these wonderful results. God has heard our prayers!

  3. Baruch HaShem!! You are one of my heroes... You're awesome and you faith is an encouragement and a testimony. :)
    Will be continually praying..

    Love and Peace

  4. How WONDERFUL, how MARVELOUS, how GREAT is our GOD! He's doing an amazing work in your life. I am PRAISING HIM for all He's done and ALL He has yet to do in this situation. Praying for the next steps to move quickly, without any hardship to you physically or mentally, and that your healing process is rapid and complete. Thank YOU Jesus !!!

    Sara Jones

  5. "You are an awesome testimony of the strength and courage that G-D is actively working in and through" His love endures forever!

    Hugs and Kisses

  6. Thank you Yahweh... your name is exalted!