Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Surgery Update and Thanks

My amazing husband sent out some update emails from the hospital yesterday. He didn't have everyone's email addresses readily available, so I am posting them here for you to read...

9/27- 3:35pm

To everyone who has blessed our family with meals and prayer. I want to thank you all for the blessing it has been to receive your kindness and prayers. I am sitting in the waiting room now. They took Stephanie in to surgery about 1:00 pm today. The surgery is scheduled for about 5 hours. They will be doing a biopsy on the non-cancer side while in surgery. Please pray for a good report on this test. Stephanie was so very peaceful (thank God for His grace). She showed so much courage and faith going into this surgery. While we were talking before they took her she was saying how lucky she feels to have such a wonderful support group of family and friends. I wanted to let you all know that all your help and prayers have made this trial so much more bearable for our family.

When I look back over the last year, it is God's grace and mercy that He has done such a work in our family, marriage and our hearts. His timing is so merciful and I am so thankful that he has shown us His favor and equipped us with strength and support to handle this trial. It is true that faith is a gift and His strength is sufficient to get us through everything. I am sure that God will continue to give us strength and faith to keep looking to Him for our healing, provision and strength.

I again want to thank you all for so much that you all have done for us, I will try to keep you all updated on Stephanie’s status.

Thanks again

Update 9:52pm

Well, Stephanie is doing well. We have gotten her into her room after surgery. It was a 4 ½ hour surgery but there were no complications. Everything went well. Stephanie had a bit of a hard time with the anesthetic when she first woke up, but she came through ok. Her spirits are up and she is doing wonderfully. She was very chatty after coming out of recovery. She was very interested in finding out all about the people that were helping her, she was asking all types of questions, and saying how kind and compassionate they all were.

Well in short, God has removed her fear and she is so peaceful and joyful. It is wonderful to see her so peaceful.

Thanks again for all your prayers.

And here is a comment from my dad, in case you missed it on my last post:

To all who have been offering so much love and support: It means so much to all of us in the family and is a great source of comfort and optimism to us as well as to Stephanie and Damie. There is no adequate way to express our gratitude, but thank you so much.

Stephanie's Dad, Alan.

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