Friday, September 3, 2010

Plan of action

I go in today for another difficult treatment. It will take all day, and they will once again give me the drug that has previously resulted in negative reactions (can't breathe, skyrocketing pulse and blood pressure). They gave me oral steroids yesterday and I felt fantastic! It was nice to have a day of feeling normal and having energy. Steroids can be really wonderful, if not taken in excess. Hopefully they will prevent another reaction. But please pray that everything goes well today.

Many have been asking about my treatment plan...
  • I've been taking a wonder-drug called Herceptin weekly. It has very few side-effects. There is a really great movie about it called Living Proof. I haven't actually watched it because I was told it would be hard for me. But it is supposed to be VERY good.
  • Every third week, I take Taxol (the one that causes the reaction). Also a wonder drug for my specific flavor of cancer, and it has caused most of my side-effects. The Herceptin/Taxol combo is a twelve-week regimen. Today is week 10.
  • At the end of September, I'll have surgery...a mastectomy. The plan is for a single, but I will be discussing with my doctors the possibility of a double mastectomy - for peace of mind, and prevention. My oncologist doesn't think it's necessary. Please pray that God would help me with that decision! And I welcome words of advice if anyone has experience or opinions in these matters.
  • About four weeks after surgery, I will start chemo again. Two different drugs than the ones I'm on now, for 8 weeks. I've been told they are more difficult than the chemo I'm on now. More side-effects, more fatigue.
  • That will be followed by radiation (not sure how many weeks). I will also go back on the Herceptin (for 9-10 months) and an oral hormone-blocker (for 5+ years).

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