Sunday, September 26, 2010


Here it is, the night before surgery. I think deep down I didn't believe this day would really come. Yet, here it is and I'm feeling overwhelmed.
Not by fear.
I'm at peace, and content.
Rather, I'm overwhelmed by the love and encouragement I have received from friends over the past few days. Tears run down my cheeks as I think of all the extra-long hugs, prayers, words of encouragement, notes, emails, phone calls, and comments on this blog.
I am overwhelmed with thankfulness. I'm overwhelmed by the love people have shown me.
Thank you dear friends, for your encouragement.
Thank you friends who are fasting and praying for me tomorrow. I'm so humbled that you would make that sacrifice and petition God on my behalf.
Thank you friends for your generosity and open-ended offers of help.
Thank you friends for your love and concern, and for being sensitive to the difficulties I'm facing.
I'm filled. I'm overflowing. There is no room left in me for fear. For sadness. For loss. I've been forever touched by your loving kindness.


  1. You are so loved sweet Stephanie!
    Praying that God continues to fill you with His peace!
    Praying and thinking of you nonstop!
    Praying specifically that the biopsy shows that all your fighting, and God's healing has made miraculous results!
    You are beautiful and so so so very loved!

  2. We're thankful for the peace that you have!! We are praying for you this morning. You are SO beautiful and have come such a long way on this proud of you-your strength and determination and letting the Lord really work in you and through you. You truly are an inspiration! Thinking of you today and praying for continued peace for you and your family and complete healing. Love you SO much!!