Friday, September 10, 2010

Exposed: Part 1

There is something very strange about seeing your face with no hair. And even stranger is seeing it with no hair or cosmetics. Sometimes I'll stop at the mirror and stare at myself.
I see me. Just me. Every facial feature, no longer masked.
What beauty remains when the external adornment is gone?
What beauty is really there, all by itself?
I ask the same about my character.
What inner beauty remains when the masks are removed?
When I no longer put my "good face" forward?
When I'm just me?

We do all these things to change how we really look.
Fancy hair. Fancy clothes. Fancy make-up.
All attempts to look better.
How often do we do the same regarding our character?
We cover our nakedness, our sin, the scars, the ugly things inside.
Trying to look better than we really are.

Will people love me less without hair?
Will people love me less if they see my sin, my struggles?
Certainly not!

I lay myself bare. Every scar. Every blemish. Exposed.
No more cover-up.
Just me.
Knowing that whatever beauty remains is authentic.


  1. And you are authentically BEAUTIFUL! Especially without hair and without masks! I LOVE YOU!!!

  2. You are amazing Stephanie... and BEAUTIFUL!