Saturday, September 11, 2010

Exposed: Part 2

I'm sure everyone is wondering what I look like bald.
Very few have gotten to see.
I almost always wear a wig when I leave the house.
At home, I wear a scarf. I've been gifted the most beautiful scarves!
Even at night, I sleep with a warm hat.
Very rarely do I leave my head uncovered.

So, my dear readers, I want to give you the opportunity to see me, exposed!

My friend, Jonie, is the most amazing photographer! I knew if anyone could make my bald head look beautiful, it would be her. We spent a morning together, sharing our trials, and taking pictures. It was a windy day.
I've never had a photo shoot of just me. It felt weird. Especially under these circumstances, and without my own hair. It was an exercise in both vanity and humility.

In the pictures you will see...
  • Two wigs. I bought one (with help from my dad). The other is from my friend, Kristie - a breast-cancer survivor!
  • Two of my favorite scarves, ones I wear all the time at home.
  • The red scarf: from Ann Jones, a local artist who expertly hand-dyes silk.
  • The blue scarf: made by my cousin, Chicky (not her real name, but that's what we call her).
  • Just me, with a little make-up (my apologies).


  1. YOU are beautiful. Not your hair, not your makeup, not the things the world says to look at. It's your heart. Your love that is beautiful. That's what God sees. That's what I see when you write.

  2. Hi Sweetie, this made me cry and I have seen you totally "exposed.". I think what made me cry was your willingness to expose your real self to the world. You have become the most beautiful woman in the world. I am so very proud of you! How God blessed me with such an incredible daughter, I shall never know but I am so thankful to be part of your life. You are an amazing woman! I love YOU! Mom

  3. P.S. Those are GREAT pictures!!!!! Kudos to Jonie.

  4. You are a truly BEAUTIFUL and WISE woman Steph. Thank you for sharing yourself. You are so inspiring!

  5. Steph, as I was working on your photos, I couldn't get over how much your eyes were speaking to me. I know that might sound mystical or new-agey...but what I mean to say is this...your eyes reveal a change in your heart that I would never have seen in you had you not been given this trial with cancer. In your eyes I see a deeper understanding of peace, contentment, and joy in the Lord alone. Even as were taking the photos, I was so impressed by your willingness to be "exposed" and just how comfortable and light hearted you were with it all!

    I hate cancer. But I love what cancer does to our heart and souls. It has begun a beautiful work in your heart and soul that will never grow old or fade away.

    I love you my sister, I am so honored to have shared this day with you.

  6. Oh my, may we all one day learn to allow the struggles, the trials, the hardest ones of all, make us better, as is displayed here, by you ... and by Jonie's post as well.
    So many tears. Joy? Sorrow? What's the difference these days? They seem to only go hand in hand.

  7. Again -- there are just no words to proclaim the wonder of your amazing gift to us. In this journey you've had to undertake you have found (been given) incredible strength and a supernatural wisdom from the Lord which is reflected in your eyes and your smile. You humble us with your grace and humility. May God one day reveal to you the lives you have changed along the journey. My heart is deeply blessed.

    Sara Jones

  8. Steph, those are great pictures. You have true beauty that only can come from the Lord who gives it to you within. Thanks for being open with us! Love you

  9. Such a beautiful friend I have. The girls saw these photos and loved your scarves. They asked why you were so happy in these pictures. My friend, you are the picture of joy and it brings me to tears, and gives me joy, to know Who put it there. Thank you for your surrender. We love you.

  10. An inspiration dear friend.
    That is what you are!
    Watching you give all of this over to Jesus and watching Him put joy and peace in it's place is amazing.
    You are beautiful and you are loved!

  11. I am so humbled, Steph! You are fighting for your physical health, but your pictures and your smile shout LIFE and HOPE to me. You have encouraged my heart today and caused me to look up, again. Thank you! Becca

  12. You're hot! Seriously. For our Lord!