Saturday, August 14, 2010


I had another reaction to the chemo yesterday. They still think it is an "infusion" reaction rather than an allergic reaction, and that I have a sensitivity to the base of the medicine. Only one of these treatments remain (in three weeks), and the oncologist and pharmacist are still deciding on the best way to prevent another reaction. This drug is the best for my kind of cancer, so they are doing everything they can to make sure I can still use it.

I also suspect that the difficulty I've had breathing and the pain in my chest are a lingering reaction to this drug. It feels very similar to the reaction I had at the hospital, just not nearly as intense.


  1. Thanks for the update, Steph. You are such a strong, beautiful woman. Hang in there and keeping trusting God for His provisions. There are reasons for all things! We love you!

  2. Stephanie, I am new to your blog. I read them all and am so encouraged by your faith. Your transparency and truthfulness in your feelings is also a blessing. The Lord is faithful and He will complete in you His good work. I pray for His peace to continue to carry you through the storny times. The faith and trust you have and continue to instill in your precious children is so evident. Their prayers, as well as the prayers of others, have been heard and the Lord has sent the answer! Please know that prayers are going up for you around the world. With many blessings from the Galilee, Sarah (a friend of your mom.)

  3. Stephanie, I just heard the news yesterday from my sister, who was talking to Jack. I had to get on Facebook today and get caught up. Your blog is so great, not having to relive it every time someone wants to know what you have gone through and what you are going through. I am so sorry about the medication problems, but I rejoice that it sounds as though the cancer is obeying the command of the Holy Spirit to go away. I can totally imagine that you feel as though you can't parent your children, but in some ways it is not a choice. You ARE the mom, and they will always remember the way you reacted to this trial and build their life choices on that example, regardless of how well their current needs are being met. I long to be able to bring you a couple easy heat meals and do a few loads of your laundry. If you could tell me what your diet is supposed to be like, and tell me a day to come, I will be there. I am praying deeply for you. Loving you from afar and knowing how your blog is touching many lives, regardless of how much you are physically doing. Peace, joy, Jesus all be yours. Zandra (hit me on Facebook.)

  4. Hey Stephanie,
    We missed you at group last night! I've been so encouraged while reading your blog...and seeing your smiling face at church, even if we don't get to actually say hi. You are such a testimony of God's strength in your weakness! Thank you! You are such a blessing!!
    I came across this article today, and I don't know if you're interested or even have the energy or time to read it, but part of it was about starving cancer with certain types of food that restrict blood flow. I thought of you, and thought I'd pass it on. Check it out if you like. :)
    I like this Dr. Mercola because he takes a very very natural approach to health, and keeps me informed on immunizations & other things through lots of research. He definitely takes an extreme purist approach to things, but it does help me think differently about what I'm putting in my body and my kid's bodies, and the effects it can potentially have. Ok...I'm sure you didn't need to hear me rambling on. :)
    I am praying for you! Love, Rachel Mills