Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Refuge

Darkness creeps in.
Crushing my chest so I can barely breathe.
Do I have the courage to make it through?
Is it really courage if there is no option to turn and flee?
O God! Where are you? I need you near!
Can it possibly be true that you love me as much as you say?
Who am I, that you would consider me?
So little faith. So weak. So frail.
Yet, I humbly come before you with expectation.
With great expectation.
Knowing you are good.
Knowing you are faithful.
I will praise you with all that is within me.
You are my Rock.
You are my Strength.
You are my Refuge.


  1. Dear Stephanie,
    Thank you for letting me be a foot-soldier in your army as You (and now We) go forth against this terrible power of darkness that has identified you as an impediment to the procuring of souls that he had planned. You, at this moment, are the absolute top priority in my life. Please do not hesitate to call on me for anything, or for everything, or, if you feel like it, "just because you feel like it."
    Jack Kaufman

  2. Jack, you are just a wonderful human being and I know a huge blessing to Stephanie (and a huge blessing to our family!). Stephanie...all these things shape us. I love how you are falling on your knees. You are giving yourself to God and that never falls void. God is your Rock. He is your strength. He is your refuge. Remain in Him! You may call on me for help as well. Love you friend.

  3. Stephanie, you do not know me, but I am a friend of Dolly and have corresponded with your Mom and step-Dad before.
    Yes, the lord does love you very much and knows every hair on your head. He will be beside you every step of the way. Lean on Psalm 91 and believe his every Word. Bless you.....
    Sue Blake