Wednesday, June 23, 2010

God is good

The goodness of God.
We talk about it. We sing about it. But do we really believe it?
I had a deep conviction about God's goodness a few months ago.
Before all this started.
Experiencing through the trials of life that God's timing is perfect.
I always heard that God was good. I even thought I believed God was good.
But then came the revelation that God is good. Really good.
I don't ask all the "why" questions anymore. I spent years doing that.
Today someone said, "Isn't there an easier way for you to learn whatever you are supposed to learn through this?"
My answer: "God is good." And I really believe it.
I know He will work this all out for good. Not just for good...for the very best.


  1. God is Good and He will be there for you He is there for you!!! He is loving you and keeping you. You will be a Stronger Woman. God id Good!!!

  2. Beautiful insight. xoxo leila

  3. I realize that it's unpopular to say this in spiritual circles, but God's intended will may not be to heal you or to preserve your physical life. His goodness is not dependent on what we may want or feel comfortable with. His goodness is absolute, independent of our awareness or expectations. He loves you as a particular and individual being He has deliberately and uniquely created. He has very particular and exact intentions regarding each aspect of your way. You can trust Him and know that you are in His hand, whatever may be coming. All your rest and satisfaction can be found in focusing in Him. His grace is sufficient for whatever you face. Your dear ones are also in His hand.

    love, Uncle Bob

  4. We are here to uplift you during this difficult time. But, the words of man fail, at times, to bring the comfort only God can give you.

    No words can take away your fears, or put to rest your terror. But your comfort and rest does come when you read the Word, or have it read to you. It builds your faith and trust. It gives you the strength that you will need in the coming days. It will give you peace in the darkness of your life.

    It is not going to be easy. This will take all your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual strength.

    With news of your illness being sent to brothers and sisters, churches, and angels, you have an infantry of prayer warriors summoning the Lord, Most High, for intervention on your behalf.

    You know how you feel when your baby is ill, but you know it's something your child has to go through, so all you can do is hold them close. Our Heavenly Father is also holding you close, to comfort you. He has not left you to face this alone.

    I pray for you to have rest from fear and terror. I pray that you will have the endurance to face this illness. I pray that you feel His compassion and love for you in this dark time.

    You are loved, by friends and family, near and far, but most of all, by God.

    xoxo leila